Hello members and clubhouse goers,

As you all might know, Kurt Sample has left the Clubhouse henceforth. This is bittersweet, and we will all sorely miss him. He was an amazing Clubhouse and Lakewood’s Promise Coordinator as well as many other roles during his time here. He has moved onto greener pastures as Allison says it, and very literally. Check out his Camp and Retreat center (http://www.soundviewcamp.com/). Look on the staff page to see a glimpse of what Kurt is up to now.

In his absence, we have been changing a few things here and there for those of you who have visited the Clubhouse recently or have been snooping on our page quite a bit (that’s okay, we forgive you!), you will have noticed some changes already. Our website and the Clubhouse will be under some minor renovations for the next few weeks in preparation for what comes ahead. Ah, but we’ll get to that later. Nothing major will change, but Allison and my leadership at the Clubhouse is slightly different than Kurt’s. We hope to have a wonderful rest of the school year with you all. Six more weeks.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see all of your lovely faces at the Clubhouse!

The Starship Clubhouse (Lochburn) is open Monday-Thursday 3pm-5:30pm
Monday’s is girl’s day though. GIRLS ONLY, please!

The Starship Possibility (Pierce College) is open Friday 5:30pm-8:30pm

Signed – Hannah Dominguez

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