Welcome to the Lakewood Computer Clubhouse MAKERSPACE.

The FINAL PROGRAM – starting in November –  for the Clubhouse @ Harrison Prep. is the AWAY MISSION.   This mission will prepare you to GO AWAY TO COLLEGE after high school.  The AWAY MISSION runs Monday – Thursday, 3:30 to 5:30 PM – from November 3 to December 18.  The Clubhouse Hours have been adjusted – we will close at 6:00 (instead of 7:00)

For your Away Mission……

  1.  You will take a pre-Mission Test
  2. You will complete mission modules about College Readiness – and in the true Lakewood Clubhouse spirit – these modules will involve Minecraft and RPG Maker.
  3. You will log your completed mission modules on the blog once you have completed them.
  4. You will be working with Hanna and college coaches from Pierce College.
  5. awayLogo2After you have completed ALL OF THE MISSIONS (totaling 15 hours in the Clubhouse) you will take a post-Mission Test.
  6. All those who complete the Away Mission successfully will be invited to an “Away Mission Successful” tour and party at Pierce College.