Some Digital Jack-O-Lanterns

Clubhouse Leadership Team

Are you ready to join the Clubhouse Leadership Team

The Clubhouse at Lochburn relies on members to take care of various areas of our space.  These members are the “leadership team” .  If any of these positions seem the right fit for you – see Kurt.

Arduino Workbench Leader 

The Arduino Workbench leader is responsible for sorting and maintaining electronic equipment that goes with the Arduino Workbench.  This includes patch cable, motors, lights, buzzers, and other things salvaged from taking things apart.  The Arduino Workbench Leader helps instruct members on how to safely use the area, including how to take care of the supplies.

3D Printer Leader

The 3D Printer leader is responsible for maintaining the 3D printer.  This includes keeping it clean, aligning the bed, changing tape and filament, and instructing others on its use.  This leader works with the staff to order filament as needed.

Tool Boss

The tool boss is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the tool area.  The tool boss helps members use tools properly and put them away when done.  The tool boss maintains a safe Clubhouse by requiriung members to use eye protection.

Music Studio Leader 

The music studio leader maintains the music studio by keeping it clean.  This leader must become an expert on Garage Band and be willing to show others how it is used.

Museum Curator

The museum curator maintains the vintage computer that are scattered about the Clubhouse.  The curator tests the equipment and software occasionally and instructs members on proper boot and shutdown procedures.

Printer/Scanner Boss

The printer/scanner boss is responsible for the cleanliness and proper use of the printer/scanner area.  He/She instructs students on the proper ways to print and what they are allowed to print and also how to scan artwork using Webscan.    The printer/scanner boss help the Clubhouse staff maintain the printers and is responsible for paper recycling.

Craft Cart Leader

The craft cart leader keeps the red craft cart organized and ready for use.  He/She works with the Clubhouse staff on what supplies are needed for the craft cart.  The craft cart leader  works with members making sure that craft supplies are not wasted, messes are cleaned up, and supplies are put away.

Arcade Game Leader

The arcade game leader maintains the arcade machine cabinet and encourages members to make games that can be played on it.  He/She gathers game made in Scratch, RPG Maker, and Gamemaker and prepares them for use in the cabinet.